Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A New Take on Magic

I’ve been thinking about my Shadowrun inspired GURPS game and have an idea for magic. It’s based loosely on the ritual spellcasting out of the Magic book.

All spells are techniques based of a single skill called Sorcery, which is an IQ/VH skill.

Prerequisites, except Magery, are removed to make spells stand alone.

The techniques are Hard or Very Hard as they were originally.

This does have the potential to bring down the cost of spells, and a GURPS mage has to have a lot more than their Shadowrun counterparts. Under normal cercumstances they tend to be the most expensive template option, but this brings them down to the level of the cyber and skill based characters.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Aeldari (Warhammer 40K for GURPS)

I've been following Games Workshops setting for awhile now, and decided to take a stab at making my favorite race. I've tried to do them justice from a fluff perspective, while making them a little more alien than they have been written in game terms. 

Aeldari 125

DX +1, Will +1, Perception +1, Basic Speed +.5, Tech Level +2,

Acute Hearing 2 [4], Acute Taste and Smell 1 [2], Acute Touch 1 [2], Acute Vision 2 [4], Aeldari Culture [0], Aeldari Language [0], Aeldari Literacy [0], Appearance (attractive) [4], Empathy (Own race only -50%, Always on-10%, Area effect 20 feet, +100%, Biological -10%, Telepathic -10%) [17], Hyperspectral Vision (Biological -10%) [23], Subsonic Speech (Biological -10%) [9], Tetrachomatism [1], Ultrasonic Speech (Biological -10%) [9], Unaging [15]

Unusual Biochemistry [-5], Chauvinistic [-1], Destiny (Soul consumed by Slanesh, Mitigated by Soul Stone -60%) [-6], Discipline of Faith (Paths) [-5], Disturbing Voice [-1], Riddled Speech [-1], Sense of Duty (Large Group: Craftworld) [-10]

Emotion Sense [2], Empathy [2]

Friday, May 25, 2018

Discovering GURPS

I've discovered GURPS and find it a wonderful system for my style of game.

I've been busily converting my oldest and longest running game over, and it's something of a kitchen sink setting.

I'll be posting the conversions here as I finish them.